Friday, 11 November 2011


woww.. There is nothing much that I can say at this moment..
I just wanted to say that I AM HAPPY :)
I really appreciate those who are happy for my happiness..

my life is like a rainbow when you are with me :)

I am proudly to introduce you all about someone special..someone who is able to cheer me up again..


gheeee :) I don't really have his single picture because he dislike to take his own picture.. huhhh..
Nevermind.. I did few photo shots during skype sayang..gheeee..jgn mrh :) ehehe

hehe..cute bha pic ni..relax~ kkk?
sorry..curi2 snap..nasiblah..haha

Bha, that's all about my LOVE aka BUDDY :)

ake malak eko :)