Sunday, 16 October 2011


I am a happy go lucky girl and I will always be. Although I have been through so much troubles in my life, I still can be myself again. It may takes time but in the end, I'm still a happy person. I love being myself though. But at the same time, I am trying so hard not to be in trouble again. SERIOUSLY! 
I want to be like this girl in this picture. For me, she is a happy person and take things easy. I mean, although there are a lot of problems to go thourgh, but she still can relax. I mean, being easy and cool about it. Don't let trouble change our personality. Huhh! That's what I've learnt from my past. Just because my problems, I've change to a very quiet person, I guess so. -_- opps!
Anyway, just stay cool people (and myself too) ghee :)
end with smile :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A friend of mine~

You will always be my friend even though you hate me
because I believe that you won't hate me that much :)
I really learned a lot of things from my past this time.. Especially its from him, starting from him, when we first broke up.. Although its hurt me badly but it actually turns out to be something good.. POSITIVE! I really want to thank him because he ever appeared in one of  my chapters. It is not a wasting of time actually. I now understand why we broke up.. Why do we have to separate. I really do understand now but its just too late for me. I know he don't like to see  me any more, that I understand.. Yeah, I sound so sad. But, actually its not sad any more.. Its all about grateful.. because I get to know him, used to loved by him and taught me so much.

He taught me so much and I only realize that after we were done with our relationship. I think I am more mature now, less hang out with my friends which he were always dislike.. I still remember when he always mad at me whenever I go out with my friends included my own best friends. And I must be back before 9pm! haha! He also dislike it when I always online especially when it comes to "face booking". We were always argue about that because I almost everyday would fb. I was so stubborn last time..huhh? haha :D. By the way, not any more though. I were always excited whenever we want to meet up. I can feel that I act like a childish when we meet up. And I also always merajuk after we quarrel..haixxxyah! I am so bad towards him before. I never care about how was his feeling been hurt by me last time. Because I was in my own world, with my own rules of life..huhh! 

Yeah, that was me, a few months ago. But now.. Everything that I want to do will always remind me of him. Its not that I want to return back but its just that he were always in my head.. haah~ lol.. You see, whenever I want to go out with my classmates and besties, I always remind myself to be back before 9pm. And when it comes to facebook, I must not always online unless to see my class schedule.. At this moment, I'm having a relationship with a new guy and I don't really show that I am so excited any more.. I mean, I am totally change now..because of you.. 
Thank you so much friend :)

I will always remember your advices Dhant.. Now I understand that you came in my life just for a while to teach me lessons about this life. I thank you Dhant.. I am grateful because we used to love each other. It is okay now for me because I accept it..the fact that we don't have that relationship any more..