Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tell me.........

Tell me,
How do you do now?

Tell me,
What’s on your mind now?

Tell me,
Do you miss me?

Tell me,
Do you still love me?

Yes, do you love me?

Please.. Don’t think about others first.
 I beg you. I beg you to let go of those problems.
Think about your feeling first..
Only for this time, tell me how do you feel now?
How do you feel if you see me?

Yes, do you happy with everything that you’ve done? With your decision?

If these questions make you feel uneasy again..
I’m just curious..
Curiosity to know about your feeling, after what happened..
Because my feeling towards you is still the same..

Yeah.. I’ve tried to forget everything..about you..
I tried not to look at your eyes..
I tried not to see you..
I tried not to hear your voice..
I tried not to think about you..

I have tried so hard..............

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