Thursday, 9 February 2012

I saw your relationship status. It's complicated gik ya. So, dalam masa we broke up ni, u mmg dah ada someone else la? So, this is the main reason why u nak break up dulu? So that u will be able to be with other girl ka? I dont know. I just guessing because I saw your r/ship status bha.

I still remember that you said you xnak ada gf. But why it is complicated? I'm sorry. I'm too emo at this moment.

It's almost one year since you've left me behind ok. You sedar x tu? You ni ada perasaan atau tak? U tau ka dalam blog jak I brani express my feeling walaupun I really want to tell you all these.. But I never get a chance to. You scared me away bha. I admit it, I still have feeling towards you, obviously.

At least la we become friend ok. At least you talk to me. Bkn angp I ni mcm stranger, like nothing ever happen between us ok. I x tahu la u ni, I x sangka ur prangai blh jd sampai mcm ni.

Every day I pray so that you will be able to see to feel what I've been through. Every night, before I go to sleep, I pray so that you won't be so EGO! And every moment, I pray that I can forget YOU! I need to.. I don't want to have you in my memory. Because I know how hurt it is.

Do you know that how much of tears have I cried? It's uncountable ok. I don't know how you survive happily while someone else is suffering.

God, help me. Amen.

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