Tuesday, 21 February 2012

p u r p l e v a l e n t i n e

hello people!!!

It's been a while.. So, whaddup? haha..

Anyway, I am so haaapppppppppppy at this moment because I got a new gadget to play with which is my new Sony Ericsson camera!!! hehe

I named her PURPLEVALENTINE since it is in february month aka Valentine month.. And she is in purple colour!! But sometimes she looks like in blue.. I don't know but I'll say it PURPLE, full stop! haha..

She was born on 19th February 2012. ooooo... Actually, I bought this camee just to please myself, to cheer up my mood because that was the date when I started to be single and it's been a year.. Anyway, it works! I knew God will always help me to cheer me up! hehe.. He gave me an idea to buy something that benefit me a lot, A LOTT! haha

Well, that's all for today and tooooduLLLL! -full stop-

p u r p l e v a l e n t i n e

crack!!! it's me :)

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