Monday, 12 September 2011

Finally, a smile on my face :)

I really2 want to thank everyone around me because now I can smile again!
Like seriously, it had been 7 months I never smile like this.
7 months ago, my life was empty, hopeless, confuse all the time..
7 months ago, I always cried every night before I go to bed..
My life during that period of time was nothing.. Every time I wake up, it is like a new day for me BUT when it comes to night time, I started to cry again..hurmphhh...
There were so many to think about, to figure out and it never solve.
BUT now..
I feel like crying because only by now, only after 7 months, only after that long time of period I've been suffer, 
The real QUELICE who loves to smile, happy-go-lucky person
no  more crying before go to bed
able to smile every morning
able to do her homework
able to concentrate on her work
able to jump like a crazy monkey!! haha :D

Thank you!
Thank you GOD for this second chance.. Thank you because I am still alive. I know what I did was a stupid decision. I still have a long journey to go through..
Thank you mummy because you always support me..I know I am the black sheep in our family, I realize what I did was horrible.. 
Thank you friends!! Thank you classmates for you LOVES, SUPPORT. Girls! Thank you, like seriously, kak Pris, thank you for your love, Lisia, thank you for your concern. I really appreciate that.. :) Thank you bestie Alice, Diana, & Mag :) Diana, tq sangat2..
My sweet lectures Miss Jessica & Madam Sha, you guys are the BEST, like a sister for me though ^^
Big sis, sis Shirl, sis Gwen~ thank you so much! my bro, bro Simon, tq for your advices, bro James tq so much.. Tq also cousin Cammie..
It took a long timne to recover though..
It's hard too...
But now, I am grateful for everything that had happened..

soy cheese everyone!!
smile like me, haha :)

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