Thursday, 1 September 2011

tick tock

tick tock..
that's the only thing in my mind now..
counting days..
for what? for many reasons..
counting for stupid 5th of September..
counting for holiday to be end..
counting to go back to college..
counting for my life which is soon going to be a disaster......

I know what will happen as soon I am back to college..
I have strong feeling that tells me that my life is going too be such a BIG disaster soon.. Oh no.. end of my life... I might lose my family, friends and even my FUTURE!!
Yeah.. I better say goodbye here first before I don't get to say it.. because I plan to run away from this world as soon as my life is going to be miserable..

I can't take any of these burden, problems in my mind.. I can't.. I will give up.. That's all I can do in my life now...
YES. This girl will gone soon..very soon.O love u mummy and daddy..


  1. Dont be stupid! dont give up! im so stress too now.. just try to make through it. :(