Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What I feel at this moment..

I quit, from every activity..buat masa inilah.. Entahlah.. Apa nak jadi sudah.. I don't feel like myself any more.. This is the first time I feel like this.. I realize what I did was wrong and I really2 regret about that. Such a fool girl! Inilah yang dinamakan sudah kena baru nak bertaubat.. That's what I feel   right now and what I faced now. Kadang2 rasa nak saja dunia ini berhenti dan biarkan I fix everything. But that is impossible to happen though. Only God can do that, can stop the world without us realize it. 
Somehow I just need a long vacation. I wish I can just stay at home town for the whole holiday. 
I have had enough of troubles because I am a trouble maker. Am I? 
Am I that bad? Or is it just because of my curiousity? Pleaselahh!! I know I am not this kind of girl back then. 
I know I am a good girl who only disobey some rules, some basic rules. 
I know I am a girl who afraid of her own mother.
I know I am a girl who think twice before do something bad.
I know I am girl who never do something extraordinary.
I am just a girl who had walk out from her shell and wanted to do everything that she had seen before!!!
I came here, a new life, no one knows about my nerdy, good girl life time.
Yeah. I guess that is!! 
A new life for a nerdy to live on. A nerd who never do that, do this. A nerd who had never experience anything that a teenager face. 

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