Sunday, 4 September 2011

Goodbye 5th September

5th September..
today is the day where me and penyamun suppose to celebrate our 1rst anniversary..
he's gone now..
I still don't understand why he REALLY dump me..
hurmphh... -_-
I know he was lying when he said he had to break up with me because we are cousins.
yeah right!! He never care about that issue when he was lovy dovy with me..
BUT?? now?
He mentioned it. yeah. complicated..

I decited to let go of him now..
That's why I'm saying goodbye to him..
goodbye to all our sweet, damn, bad, memories..
goodbye to everything that related to you penyamun..
goodbye 5th September 2010's love..
goodbye J..

haha~ just for fun!

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