Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hola.. It's September now.. I wish this month will be more fun and great than the others :) gheee
*I'm in LOVE mood right now*
This is new and latest love story of mine 

WELL.. Here we go..
I called him B because his blood type is B.
Have you watched the Korean love story entitled " My BF is B Blood Type" ?
Our story a little bit similar like in the movie because I am A blood type, same goes to the girl in the movie. Plus, I have short hair now like her's.

Anyway, I found out that this guy quite fun. Romantic and he never have much gf before like what I did. yeah. I was a playgirl BEfore ok..

I think, maybe, yes, he could be so much adventurous if only I hook up with him. Yeah. Our r/ship might be quite challenging if we'll hook up..haha! so Miss perasan me!

From now on, I won't find a guy with a very good looking anymore, they are SUCK and they don't love. They stick with me because I'm pretty (haha!).Well, u know? Handsome and pretty, perfect match.. urghh!!! What a package! NOPE!

GO away you handsome guy!! SHuhhhh!
 Bis awesome so far. and HE IS SAGITTARIUS!!! haha!
Sot me, believe in such thing BUT it's quite fun though..haha~
I've been looking for this Sagittarius for long time besides ARIES..
YAAY! match with me, LEO!

Alright, I stop here and I'll tell you guys the latest hot news about me!! gheee :)

WAIT, my sagittarous sign!!

here, LEO and SAGITTARIUS :)

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