Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I'm awake!!!

You know what? I rasa I dah terperangkap selama ini, terpukau by YOU. Yes. DD. 
I think everything make sense now. Yeah.
GOD have a great plan for me. Amazing future for me. No wonder HE won't let us to be together BECAUSE
you are not meant for me DD. Opps!
It takes a long time for me to realize that WE ARE NOT MEANT TOGETHER. And how stupid am I doing so much stupid things just for you and in fact you never care of what I did. Because that was not LOVE. Oh my.. what a BIG mistake I had done ever since 7 months ago. Today is 1rst of September! 4 more days is going to be our anniversary (suppose to but I don't think it is now)

DD, I'm over you! We never understand each other. Based on our horoscope too. Both of us? is a big NO right now.

I am don't hate you BUT I am regretting of what we had done. Oh how I wish I could tell you this:
" menyesal la pasal kita dua. ewww!! rasa nak muntah la!! DD, sorry. I rasa I kena pukau sbab u handsome dulu kot.. Tp I sedar now that we two x pernah memahami sesama sendiri because we two are ego and again, sorry. Just forget about what had happened between us and pretend that we xpernah on ok?" 

DD, If u baca ni, u bacalah sampai habis sbab nak jumpa u pun i x mahu and u pun memang x akan jumpa i pun. if i nak text u pun, rasa malas jak nak type msg ngan u sebab I DAH MALAS dengan u. yeah.
Baguslah if u nak pindah g Mukah, aman dunia ku :) BYE DD!! gheeee..

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