Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This is how I feel..

Take me away to a better place
A place that there were no one that I know
A place that far away from this place
A place that where I can start over again
So that I won't stuck with my past
So that I won't remember any of my past events

Take me away to January
I'm done with this year already
A year that full of sadness, frustrated, disappointment
I just want to move on from this year
I had enough of pain throughout this year
I had enough of suffer throughout this year
It was hard to go through this year again because it's all started in the beginning of the year

Anyone out there?
Who can take me away?
Any way?
Any solution?
That can take me away?

This is not just about you
Yes, you are include too in my story
but in certain chapter
This is all about me
Yes, obviously because this is my life
My life which is very, so full of adventurous
happiness, sadness, shocking and a lot more.

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