Monday, 29 August 2011


Basically, i've been officially single since 8 months ago..
and that was so hurt..really like seriously!

Anyway.. I don't know what but this is my situation right now.
- I may be sound like DESPERATE but I don't think so because I do have a little bit feeling towards this guy
- I'm afraid the only reason I'll hook with this guy just because I wanted to forget Dhant. BUT??
- I'm afraid I might hurt by this guy. YESS!!

So, I don't really know whether is it LOVE or just admire or friend? His name is Wenz. 
He is such a sweet guy (so far).. But I REALLY DONT KNOW now..
there is one thing that I know..we started to be so close a few months ago..yes, now we always texting and it is in the same month with Dhant where we started to be so close!!! I think there might be something wrong if only I hook with Wenz..but...again, who knows right?

But, for sure, let it be and I'll just follow the flow..

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